The perfect Christmas gift?

Gift-giving is a satisfying way to show the people in your life that you care about them. It’s exciting to see the reactions of people as they open your gift, and know you made their day.  We should think of more thoughtful gifts. By thoughtful, it means practical, affordable, works-for-pretty-much-anyone gifts. People with constant meetings, with kids who have activities, or work schedules that vary wildly would probably benefit most from an hourly layout.
As Lyubomirsky says in her book “Being kind and generous leads you to perceive others more positively and more charitably”.
Choose your perfect Christmas gift:

- Scented Candles 
No one has the option to head to the spa whenever they feel a bit stressed. What we all can do, however, is light up a soothing, sweet, lavender scented candle and relax and unwind. This might be a great gift for anyone!

- Cozy Blankets  
They are infinitely useful, everyone needs an extra one this chilly time of year, and they'll last forever.

- Cooking Tools
How do you make the best Christmas? That's easy!
You shop presents and you cook all that delicious food for the Christmas table.

 - Christmas Pajamas
Create a Night Before Christmas Box that can have a new set of pajamas, and play your favorite Christmas movie.


- Business Planner
Businesses use this time of year for promotion and advertising.Gift giving is also a way to advertise the company and promote positive public relations.

Each copy of your BB BOOK is personalized to your liking and contains:
- 50 integrated business cards customized with your design you can easily tear off from the book and hand over to your contacts;

- A predefined section for inserting and keeping the business cards you receive in return from your contacts;

- A notes section so you can write down all important information exchanged with your contacts;

- A yearly planner with curated content;

- Hardcovers can be customized with your design and messages.


Enjoy the most beautiful time of the year and Merry Christmas!