The 5 people you must have in your network

The generally accepted business practice is that people need a versatile mindset around them to inspire their growth. It’s time to challenge that wisdom.  In this labor market, having a strong network is critical to your professional survival. There are five types of people every entrepreneur must have in his or her life to have a chance of achieving success.


1. The Mentor

The mentor is a person who has reached the level of success you aspire to have. You can learn from their success as well as their mistakes. From them you need to learn how to take their wisdom and experience.

2. The Trendsetter

This person is someone outside of your chosen industry that always has the latest buzz. The goal in having this person in your network is to look for all connections that spark innovation via the unconventional. This person will help you how to keep your conversations interesting.

3.The network node


While it’s important to build and grow your network continually, it can feel like pulling teeth if it’s out of your comfort zone. The people who are network nodes are super connectors who excel in building and maintaining relationships inside and outside of their field. They’re often actively growing their networks and engaging their field.

4.The Realist

On the other side you still need the person who will help you keep it real. These are not people who knock down your dreams; rather they challenge you to actively make your dream happen. These are people who will stand by you and always gives you advice in some reality way.


5. Change Agent

Some people are better at change than others. If you’re not great with change, then you want to have someone who can encourage you, every time when you’re in the midst of a change and help you see the merits Cultivate a network with diverse attitudes, including change agent




Try to identify people who play the role of these five confidants in your life and keep them close. If you see gaps, you can take action today to start filling up these roles.


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