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Do Things as Collaborative Leaders do: Follow the Rule of 6 and 1
Become the emotionally intelligent leader your team needs. Build a stronger and more inclusive team with ease. If you are a leader of a company, you are the one who is supposed to guard the company, the team, and the projects your company is working on. Probably you are the person that knows what is best for your company. For example, when someone mentions Steve Jobs, you automatically think of the person who knew what decisions are the best for Apple. Or when you think of Jeff Bezos, you know that he knows what is best for Amazon. Think of Elon Musk and you know that he is the one who knows what is best for his own companies Tesla and SpaceX. Therefore, you are the decision-maker and your team relies on you, so you better be making good decisions. Therefore, you are the decision-maker and your team relies on you, so you better be making good decisions. To be a good decision maker, you should follow Ron Howard’s words, and practice the Six and One rule on a daily basis. The Oscar-winning director in his MasterClass series says that the directors ‘’dream’’ the movie they are producing. And matter if there is only one person or hundreds of people involved, at the end of the day the director’s vision, taste and decisions are the ones that define the path of production and therefore the final result. The film it’s something that they created and nurtured, meaning it is their baby. As Howard says, "If you try to enforce that too rigidly, you're losing all the spontaneity and that sort of organic creativity that the people around you have to offer. Coming to that understanding was the beginning of a rule that I just simply call the six of one rule: Six of one, half a dozen of another."
3 Rare Signs That Say You Were Meant to Be a Good Leader
A great leadership is about serving others.More specifically, serving your employees and putting them on equal par with customers. Walking this road of "employees first" leadership can be a very lonely place because it's a mindset few possess. If you're serious about taking on that journey, than this are the 3 signs that you are on a good way
Ways To Stay Focused At Work
Do you have trouble staying focused? You’re about to finish the work, and suddenly something comes up. You don’t give thought to how pressing any distraction is — you just give it attention. Five minutes, ten minutes. Sometimes it goes to over an hour. Because there’s no chance of shutting out every distraction while you’re busy, the decision to stay focused at work is in your hand
7 Ways to Have a Successful Career
What is career success? Well, it depends on who you ask. Each of us defines it differently. Career planning is an activity that should be liberating and fulfilling, providing goals to achieve in your current career or plans for beginning a transition to a new career. Career planning should be a rewarding and positive experience.
5 ways to stay focused
We've all had days where we can't seem to focus, asking that question too many times to count. For some of us, those days are more common than we'd like. It’s just happening we can’t focus on the important things and we feel exhausted.
Presents are traditionally personal and meaningful. Gift giving can reveal how people think about others, what they value and enjoy, and how they build and maintain relationships. Giving a gift is giving your individual stamp to someone. This is what the ‘art of gifting’ is all about. It’s about how you make that special person in your life look, feel, think and do once they receive a gift.