Blog posts of '2017' 'December'

4-Step Formula to Pursuing Your Dreams
We are all a product of our thoughts. It is our own thoughts that are continually creating the life around us. How do you feel about the life that you are living right now? Don’t like what you see? Then you are not using enough your thoughts and emotions to paint a clear picture of the life that you want to be living. How would you feel if you were told that you had the power to make your wildest dreams come true? We are giving you 4 steps of perching your dream goals
6 Morning Habits Of Successful People
It is true you can start your day by hitting the snooze button, rushing to get ready, and then running out the door with a coffee in one hand and your documents in the other. Or, you can start your day with good morning habits. What's the day-to-day routine of successful people? Do these people set their alarms earlier than other people?Or Do they consume a special type of breakfast? Do you want to figure out the day-to-day routine of success ? Well, Then read on!
13 ideas for creative gifts for your employees & co-workers
It is the season for gift giving...and stressing out over what to get for your employees. We know that shopping for people in the office can be difficult, so we’ve got 13 quirky and affordable ideas for you, with something for everyone on your team.
Sometimes gifts can be interpreted in different ways so try to think about how the gift you’re giving may be construed. Think of something totally unique, that is one hundred percent about the person receiving it. If you have super important clients, prospects, or referral sources that you really want to impress or wow beyond the normal gift card or box-of-the-month club, you might need to connect with our secret weapon, the BB book. The gift must be unique, special and given from the heart. That’s why we’re giving you the perfect solution… a personalized BB book that says exactly what you feel.
Presents are traditionally personal and meaningful. Gift giving can reveal how people think about others, what they value and enjoy, and how they build and maintain relationships. Giving a gift is giving your individual stamp to someone. This is what the ‘art of gifting’ is all about. It’s about how you make that special person in your life look, feel, think and do once they receive a gift.