6 Ways to Survive Your First Day Back After an Amazing Holiday

Going back to work after a beautiful holiday will always make you feel sad. It’s been proven that getting back into our routine can lead to demotivation. And suddenly the reality will strike.  The New Year has dawned. No more long days in your pijamas, online browsing, bindge watching.

You actually have to work. So now what?

Here are 6 tips for breaking down the self-imposed wall and return to reality:

1. Make a Plan

Everybody hates it when their holidays end. Understand that it’s okay to feel sad and accept that the first days back in your office will be difficult. So it is better to start organizing the things. Maybe to-do list are your favorite, or you prefer to schedule tasks in your calendar. Either way, create a list of items that must get done on your first day back. Start with the task you enjoy doing as well because this will give you nice little breaks and make your day more enjoyable.


2. Get to the Office Earlier than Usual

It sound really strange but there are some good reasons to do this. The first is that leaving home earlier will help you avoid the anxiety that often goes hand in hand with commuting. The second reason is that you get some quiet time in the office. You will be able to make your coffee, organize your desk and get things in order. So try to get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast and then head to work early.



3. Tackle the email-ocalypse and sort the emails by subject

Instead of reading your emails by date, sort them by either subject or sender. This will help you figure out what has happened, not when it happened. Delete everything you can without opening it. It will be more easy and quick replay at the right emails, and the urgent one avoiding the spams and the mails you didn’t need.



4. Set New Goals

Whether you’re going back to work after Christmas, or some other holiday, it’s always important to go back into the workplace with new goals.The only way to keep from getting bored at work is if we have something new to learn. As you review your emails and messages you’ll be reminded of all the stuff you were working on before you went on holidays. Instead of just working on the first thing that you stumble across, make sure you add some new goals, new ideas and priorities them. This will give you a clear idea of areas that deserve your attention.



5. Wear Clothes You Like

Another tip that will help you survive going back to work is to wear something you feel good in. So this mean you could wear something you’re comfortable in. Whatever your choice, is, the important thing is that you give yourself a nice little boost of confidence which will help you feel more energetic to take on any challenges that lie ahead.


6. Catch Up With Your Colleagues

No doubt you’d rather be spending your entire day with your friends rather than your colleagues. But, getting along with your colleagues   improve your overall work experience. When you get back to work after holidays make an effort to speak to everyone and ask them what happened while you were gone - if there’s any news or changes etc. Simply talking to someone can help improve your first day back



It is really tough to go from vacation mode to work mode. So no one will judge you for giving yourself a relaxing first day back.

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