3 Rare Signs That Say You Were Meant to Be a Good Leader

A great leadership is about serving others.More specifically, serving your employees and putting them on equal par with customers. Walking this road of "employees first" leadership can be a very lonely place because it's a mindset few possess.

If you're serious about taking on that journey, than this are the 3 signs that you are on a good way:  


1.  Love the people that work for you

Leaders who place employees ahead of customers understand this premise to the core; they'll create a motivational environment that this act of unconditional love -- no holds barred kind of love -- begins with a leader who loves his employees well. According Tim Sanders the most powerful force in business isn't greed, fear, or even the raw energy of unbridled competition. The most powerful force in business is love. It's what will help your company grow and become stronger



2. The Trust 

As leader, to gain the employees trust you should put them ahead of customers. When you freely share information, seek their input, and look after their welfare first, they will see you as dependable and accountable; they will feel safe in your presence. The trust is simple secret weapon


3.  Kindness

 A powerful weapon for creating much happier workplace cultures and also more loyal  and committed employees who produce better work,  It comes down to one word: kindness. The good leaders will  create an environment in which risks are taken, allowing those around them to feel safe to exercise their creativity. Plenty of research suggests that when companies create an environment of kindness lived out daily, they will see a happier workplace and an improved bottom line, and working skills. 


Leadership is not a position or just a title. It is action and example






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