3 Ideas to light up your Christmas dinner table

Christmas is here, and it’s time to start thinking about your decorations. Decorating is an important part of the holiday season. If you’re planning to host a holiday meal, make your table as festive as possible. Instead of pulling out the same old Christmas decorations, switch things up and buy or make some new table decor.

A gorgeous Christmas table makes the holiday very special for you and your loved ones. Try these 3 quick and easy ideas to decorate yours.

1. Add a little sparkle with LED lights

You want to add some Christmas magic to your dinner table? If you do that is so easy with these long-lasting, decorative lights. Here are a few options:

  • Place a few LED lights in a basket with holiday decor. Use it as a glowing centerpiece for your table.
  • You can hang some plants above your table with LED lights wrapped around the planters.
  • Line your whole table with a string of lights, or just around the legs of your table.

2 Place Christmas figurines on the table

If you don’t have time to  make original crafts, you can buy some fun decorations for your Christmas dinner table. Simply place figurines all around your place settings to create a holiday atmosphere.  There are tons of figurines out there, including Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Christmas trees, angels, snowmens.. To spice it up a bit, buy figurines that come complete with scenes, like the classic Christmas village. Some of these villages even include battery-operated lights, so you can brighten your table with the festive scenes


You want a silver Christmas? So if you do here is an idea to make that happen. We all adore the metallic theme at Christmas, especially super sparkly and sophisticated. This theme looks gorgeous on a white table, complete with well-dressed white chairs. Add a touch of twinkle with some gorgeous silver glitter tea lights dotted around the table or you can simply place them in some tall candle holders. Finish off your silver Christmas theme with some fresh white flowers and some beautiful metallic table accessories.

 All it takes to create a beautiful festive atmosphere for your holiday gathering is a few clever ideas and planning. So what are you waiting for? Start realizing your ideas that will brighten up your table this season.


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